SFM Doodles Episode 0 – Game Development Small Steps for the Gamer

Timelapsed version of the 35 minute show and tell. Full version with audio (Trob and Blue) is below. If you have a fun request for a scene, you can email blue@youcanblue.com!

Episode 0 (A technical test) of SFM Doodles with Trobzombie – a series on using the Valve SFM editor for people perhaps interested in games and interested in level design and animation but who do not have experience yet with 3d applications, complex game engines and the like.
Follow along with Trob and his ENORMOUS ponytail (pics on request) as he demonstrates the simple way to use Valve’s SFM editor. By learning to use this you will slowly learn about posing rigged characters, scene setting, camera placement, lighting and eventually animation! Goooo SFM!

SFM is the Valve Editor that is given away for free on Steam.  It links into existing games in your Steam library and uses the professional assets from those so that you are able to learn about rigging, placement of props in scenes and also animation using a live recording system or by using manual keyframed animation.  The complex SFM editor also includes lipsyncing, lighting and camera effects – not bad for a piece of software that has been going since the mid 1990s!  If you are a fan of animation guru Bay Raitt, you will find many useful videos released by Valve that will also help you use this great software.

TrobZombie is an artist blacksmith (yes a real one) living in the Derwent Valley.  When he is not getting stupidly fit smashing pieces of steel with a massive hammer, he is often to be found playing video games and using SFM.

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