Goodbye 3d-palace Old Friend

Gone but not forgotten

It was 15 years ago as of Halloween 2016 than 3d-palace first officially came to the internet – the site had in fact been going for some 3 weeks prior to Halloween however about the 31st a popular user on 3DBuzz (which was trending extremely heavily at the time) had posted on their forums leading to 500 people signing up on 3d-palace over the next two weeks.

What was 3d-palace?  Well it was more of a concept, an idea and an ideal.  The site was supposed to be a place where people who wanted to learn more about 3d could do so without dropping huge amounts of cash – an idea which had seemed pretty bizzare I think to the entire book publishing world.  I recall that you were lucky to have change out of £60 when buying a frankly terrible manual in 2002.  3d-Palace had came about because a place was needed in the site administrators opinion, one which allowed people to learn freely.  Eventually commercial sets would also be added to 3d-palace’s collection however that was still several years away.

In the meantime 3d-palace made training tutorials for 3d World magazine, which was the most popular magazine by far for 3d artists (there was no real gamedev magazine as such at that time).  These included the Mech Scorpion (which was originally supposed to be a defiler however due to worries about legal issues was redesigned as it went along), the Troll (which admittedly was not a good tutorial.  Sorry) , the Batteries Not Included robot/spaceship combo and a few others.

During this time free tutorials were being made and delivered by 3d-palace’s server (which was a beast of a thing) often in excess of several terrabytes of data in a day.  During this time a friendship with 3d-palace’s original hot shot video compression guru Squid was made – Squid was able to turn massive cumbersome AVI files into files less than a 10th of the size with no loss in quality by using some sort of sinister Squid magic.  By the time the first commercial tutorial set was nearing release (The APU) 3d-palace had some several hundred tutorials, mostly for 3ds max, all free.  You could pay a Sponsor Member premium however it was not necessary – although at busier times there was a download queue (sorry to anyone that remembers it) which kept the server from not being killed.

And now, 28 commercial sets later, 3d-palace’s time is over.  It is a shame as she was a beautiful site however the principles that founded her and the way websites are ran are so so different now.  Really different.  3D-Palace will live on and I will continue to maintain the domain name and email addresses for the site however it will now point to YouCanBlue and it’s commercial stock will end its days here in a stripped down variation of the Sponsor Membership system so that anyone wanting the tutorials can still get them without it interfering with the operation of YouCanBlue.

To everyone from the IRC over the past 15 years to everyone on facebook and the now forgotten forums (114,000 members) 3d-palace wishes you a fond farewell and we hope you think of it kindly!

3D-Palace Administration Team

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  • eagle4

    3D-Palace will always be remembered fondly. Shame it’s gone but it’ll never be forgotten.

  • Isaac Marquina

    of course i remember this webpage, i loved since that day, and was becouse of you that i started my interest in 3d design, i am a programmer now, but my needs of know more about design hasnt fall down! thanks 3d palace for your teachings