Review – The Sculpted Rock Pack by Danny Kauer

“The perfect marriage of function and form at a price point that makes it essential for any artist.”

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Version of Unreal Engine Used : 4.13.2 Plugin Version Compatibility : 4.5 - 4.13.2

Early on in using Unreal Engine 4, I realized that I would really need to get my hands on some good assets in order to speed up my workflow. I am by no means a ‘cookie cutter’ developer; I like detailed scenery, beautiful landscapes and character to my scenes, and in my opinion throwing a lot of purchased assets into a scene is not going to make a cohesive narrative – HOWEVER there are also several kinds of asset that are essential for certain types of game development. Rocks are one of those essential assets for the kind of game I like to develop.

I purchased the Sculpted Rock Pack when it first came out some time ago. I have used it for work on a couple of developments including a horror game (why do we all love to make horror games…) where it really shone for pathways and general fill. The price is a bargain at under $9 for the assets and what is more breathtaking is that the author really seems to understand his market, his art and value for money having released already several addons to the set that were rolled out completely free to include rock walls, cliff races and additional rocks.

Rocks contain perfectly adequate collision boxes, levels of detail and textures for Albedo, Normal, Specular and AO with it’s own material instances by the model. Scaled down the rocks are perfectly useful to be used for debris and usual gathering of shards at the base of cliffs and while I do not encourage scaling up (material stretch and lack of cohesion in a scene), there are several large pieces that you can use to block out your scene very easily.

In the above timelapsed example I used the rocks pack mixed in with the water examples supplied free in the UE4 learning tab – for a but of atmosphere I used a point light, the free example fire and smoke and that’s it. The scattered rocks in the foliage editor were all from the Rocks pack.

I would highly recommend this set to anyone who has any requirement in their scene for swathes of rock, pathways and more. When I block out levels I mostly now use the rocks pack to get the basic shapes if I am modelling a natural area rather than using BSP shapes, that way I can get a natural organic looking area made up fast – I then build on top of it using BSP shapes afterwards to start to block in areas. I shall be demonstrating these principles shortly in a lesson set on basic level setups.

Meanwhile, get these rocks. They are cheap enough for every pocket and it is a great way to show the developer than they are doing a good job producing affordable, high quality assets!


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