Underground Compound Series – Learn to make FPS levels in Unreal Engine 4, Part 2

Feeling impatient? You can watch the timelapse of Chapter 2 and get an idea what is going on here.

…Or you can get your feet wet right away and watch the full timelapse with narration by Blue.

Hi there!  Welcome to Chapter Two of our FREE set on how to make game FPS game levels inside of Unreal Engine 4.  This chapter is going to take you into using blueprints today in order to do some special functions! You can watch Chapter 1 here if you have not seen it yet.

Using the Blueprint Editor in Unreal Engine 4 gives you the same amount of control as if you were coding and compiling in C++.  We are going to use the Blueprint system to make our sliding doors work – the player is going to be able to open the doors from one side only which will gives us a one way flow of player traffic and will mean that players cannot run out of areas and then back in again for safety.

As well as working on the blueprints the rest of the chapter covers making some accessways to the main central area and then gives you a little homework so that you can do your one way doors the way you want them to work.  Next time – we need a CUSTOM ASSET!

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  • Buckethead

    Congrats Chris! I love the new site… I loved 3d-palace too but I am happy to see things looking up here! Really enjoying this Tutorial! Not sure if you remember me from the old Masterclass days but I am getting back into this stuff and glad to still have you as a resource… Expect a “GameDeveloperPro” as soon as I can afford it 😉