YCB Presents – A Rock Tutorial for ZB and UE4 by Danny Kauer plus Interview!

This is a great tutorial by Danny Kauer, creator of several high grade asset packs on the Unreal Engine marketplace.  This tutorial will show you in stages how Danny goes about creating realistic rocks for use in game engines including Unreal Engine 4, Lumberyard and Unity3d.

There is an interview with Danny further down the page so scroll down once you are finished and read up!

After watching this set why not also enjoy a great timelapse of the process as well!  Many thanks to Danny for this great tutorial that I hope a lot of you are going to really love!

AFTER  watching the tutorial, why not scroll down and read an interview with Danny where I ask him some questions about his ideas and influences.


YCB. Firstly can you please tell us a little about your background? What got you in to game development?

Danny: It was modding! Me and some friends created some maps for the first FarCry and thats where i began; since then i love creating environments and characters.

YCB. You were in the Marketplace for Unreal Engine really early on with your assets pitched at a low price – was this because you knew there would be a lot of competition in the marketplace?

Danny: No, i just thought it would be a fair price.

YCB. When you released the Sculpted Rock Pack back in version 4.5 I personally assumed that was all that we would get – what made you decide to take the extremely rare step of updating your pack to feature a lot more content?

Danny: This is my Hobby, and i want to have a good time and make my clients happy. When i have time i try to constantly update all of my assets on the marketplace, and there will be a new update hopefully before this Year is out!

YCB. All of your assets on the marketplace are rocks or rock related materials, do you have a lot of local reference for these or do you travel around finding new references?

Danny: Full time I work in a saltmine, and i love geology; You can find rocks everywhere and they can tell you so much about the environment… You would not want to go on holiday with me, I find an “interesting” looking stone everywhere and then i need to at least make 500 photos of it!

YCB. Do you find yourself looking at games being produced and suddenly shout “Thats my asset!”?

Danny: Unfortunately not yet, but I keep my eyes open.

YCB. What are your plans for future marketplace assets?

Danny: I want to make more Updates for my packages, and then a package with gargoyle statues and related architectural assets.

YCB. With the marketplace being as crowded as it now is, do you think it is a good way for someone to make an extra income who has never submitted before?

Danny: Yes, if you have fun creating something why not try it and make at least the electricity bill back, but i do not think that somone should just go for the Money in this inustry, it should be about having fun and making art.

YCB. How hard was the submission process?

Danny: Not very hard, but it takes a while until your assets are on the marketplace.

YCB. Back to questions about yourself – what has been your best influences as an artist?

Danny: Going outside and looking at the world. There is so much beauty everywhere and everyone goes by “Especially ROCKS :D”. Once a year i go a few weeks trakking only a tent and a few friends this is always very liberating.

YCB. Do you think that the indie game market is over saturated with game developers ‘asset flipping’? (Using prepurchased assets and nothing else to create identical looking games)

Danny: Yes and No, there are really good game ideas and it is great for small developer teams to have the possibility to just buy assets for a really low price, on the other hand there are shovelware games….

YCB. What advice do you have to anyone looking to make high quality assets for games?

Danny: Learn, Try, Repeat. And never give up!

“How do you make a round circle with a square knife? That’s your challenge for the day.Bob Ross

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