Why It’s Time YCB Got The Oculus – An Editorial.

I has been six months now since the original plan for YouCanBlue.com as an alternative to replace 3d-palace was rolled out and in that time it has started to gain a lot of traction in the training scene and in the news scene as an independent source; Now we would really like to build on that and look at using the Oculus Rift in order to create VR training, showing how to build worlds inside the UE4 editor using the new and exciting tools that were previewed just yesterday (1st March 2017) during the Unreal Engine 4 presentation at GDC!

VR technology has came on a long way and, as you may know, YouCanBlue (and before that 3d-palace) was at the forefront of showing you how to get real results in real time fast.  It is my belief that by moving into using the Oculus and teaching how to effectively use it in sets of free, organized and detailed tutorials can only benefit the community.  There is just one problem;  YouCanBlue has not released a commercial training set since it’s release in October of 2016 – relying entirely on Patreon for it’s meager income that is used entirely to cover server fees.

We NEED your help.  

There are many ways that you can help us – yes we could have done a Kickstarter however I prefer to address the community directly as it is more likely to reach the ears that matter.  If this does not work then I will consider a KS campaign for additional material to make a huge training pack however I would not to.

  1. Donate!  You can just send some money if you like.  It will be earmarked for an Oculus and put in a fund until such time as one is affordable.  You can just click here to donate, if you do you will get a shout out on the thankyou page once we start getting the sets done as well as an advance preview of any training made.
  2. Be a patreon!  This means you are donating monthly however I do make sure that patreons are getting the best possible experience by giving them news, tutorials and exclusives directly.
  3. Got a spare oculus?  Even an old one?  If you have one you do not want or if you want to donate one (as a good example of a tax write off for example) then please get in touch here.

Failing that share this to someone you think might be interested.  Tell people about YouCanBlue, let people know what we are doing and what we want to do!  This coming year I want to have sets of free lessons on using Oculus, on Photogrammetry, building entire simple games and on working in 3d to create complex animated assets and you can be a part of this by helping in any way you can!



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Founder of Youcanblue as well as the founder of a large legacy training site for 3d artists, Blue is a well known and liked member of the 3d and game development community.

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