PFlow Particle Lesson – Disperse and Coalesce, Transforming to a Different Object

Pflow (Particle Flow) is a fantastic and useful feature that has been in 3ds Max now for several years and yet still a lot of people do not understand the power it has to help create procedural scenes, perform complex effects and much more besides.

I have used Pflow since it first appeared, initially using it to manage engine wash for sci fi vehicles and eventually moving as far as working out interparticle collisions, how to create a procedural attack fleet with weapons and self targeting and much more besides.

In this set I replicate work done for a luxury car manufacturer that was done in 2016 to create a disperse effect where an 3d model of a woman was to be created in particles then blown apart to reform as a logo.  The effect utilized the wander node – a new feature of Flow as well as using forces to scatter the particles and using find target and event splits.

It’s a fun effect and useful with a lot of practical uses so give it a go and see what you think – after all, its free 😀

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Founder of Youcanblue as well as the founder of a large legacy training site for 3d artists, Blue is a well known and liked member of the 3d and game development community.

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