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The Crux Walker and Pilot Legacy Lesson Set contains all of the lessons on video to create the set as well as containing all of the 3ds max files, Work in progress shots, (read more...)

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all of the model files for 3ds Max plus helpful renders and more!
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Skills Learned.

  • Mechanical Modelling (poly by poly, SubD, high detail SubD,
  • surfacing using splines, overdetailing and more),
  • Organic Modelling (SubD, edgeloops, poly by poly, etc),
  • Mechanical Rigging,
  • Mechanical Animation,
  • Procedural Animation, Secondary Motion, Walking, Starting walking, Stopping, Turning and Posing.
  • Organic rigging using Biped,
  • posing in biped,
  • organic fast hand rigging using primatives.
  • FK, IK, HI solvers,
  • Final Gather, HDR, Rendering Techniques,
  • Simple Materials, Complex Mental Ray Materials,
  • Use of the Arch and Design Material in MR, ink and paint shader.
  • Particles, Pflow, making exposions, making cruise missile trails,
  • project management, use of the layer manager, cloth,
  • lots lots lots lots more.

Level of Difficulty : Split levels of difficulty - newer users of 3ds Max will find the start of the set a good warm up exercise getting used to the overall workflow - nothing is missed and the average new user familiar with the interface should have no problem in getting straight into the project. More advanced users will find the appenxides useful for rendering ideas, particle flow tips and advice as well as the use of layer tools an of course the organic modelling section where not only are you making the head and hands but also going about construction of complex soft items such as shoes, pants and shirt to building the hanging banners on CRUX's back with dynamic animation using the Cloth> Garment Maker solvers. All in all there is something for everyone in possibly the most complete set that 3d-palace has produced yet!

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