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The ED209 from Robocop Legacy Lesson Set contains all of the lessons on video to create the set as well as containing all of the 3ds max files, Work in progress shots, (read more...)

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all of the model files for 3ds Max plus helpful renders and more!
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The ED209 Game Development Project is a video learning set from that covers advanced game development character building, preperation and insertion into a game both as a static textured mesh and as a fully animated and realised asset. The set covers some unique concepts in game development model development, including a new Scaffold Methodology to allow a much faster approach to modelling.


  • Build a low poly mesh to check sizes
  • Build high detail high polygon meshes
  • Create a game asset from the high polygon model
  • Use placement tools to build inset details that would normally take ages
  • Learn how to create complex curved shapes
  • Build detailed mechanical systems to drive the robot
  • Rig using Inverse Kinematics AND Forward Kinematics to ensure the famous sliding leg works properly
  • Rig up the weapon arms and build a cool walk cycle
  • Create normal maps and unwrap the entire low poly model
  • Texture up the ED209 model
  • Put the model into Unreal Engine!

You will start this set, as usual, with a completely empty scene in 3ds Max, no photoshop files and no game assets - by the end of this mammoth set, you will have a fully rigged low polygon ED209 with high polygon normal map, actually inside the Unreal Engine with every step of the process along the way demonstrated!

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