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The Necron Monolith Legacy Lesson Set contains all of the lessons on video to create the set as well as containing all of the 3ds max files, Work in progress shots, (read more...)

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all of the model files for 3ds Max plus helpful renders and more!
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All too many tutorials cover the how of modeling however the Obelisk set is unique in that it tries to explain why things are modeled and decisions are taken in the modeling process in the way that they are.  The Obelisk itself is based on a Warhammer 40,000 Necron Monolith - in itself a fairly basic shape considering its percieved size. This project takes the preconcieved shape and uses sensible and rational placement of detail in order to create a more realistic and flowing sense of scale and shape that demonstrates the principles of using the right shape for the right job.

The piece is made in a modular manner so that you can create larger and more elaborate pieces should you so wish and the student using this set can be assured that their modeling will improve in both quality and speed through using it.

Modular Modeling

Complex Model and Asset Management

Self Illuminated Materials


Mental Ray

Ergonomics and placement

Pre-fabricated part creation

Project management

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