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Here is a selection of Christian Christmas games and trivia based on the Christmas story and well-loved Christmas carols that you may like to include in your program. Stay up to date with all that's new at Family Games Treasurehouse. See how many carols your friends and family can figure out with this free printable Christmas game, the Christmas Carol Match-up. Merry Christmas card by PurpleTrail. Simply copy and paste the printable Christmas game into a word document, add in some festive Christmas clip art like the ones we have added to this page, and print a copy for each player.

Word Games For Christmas Carols From A To Z (Christmas Word Games Book 1) - Kindle edition by E L LEE. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Word Games For Christmas Carols From A To Z (Christmas Word Games Book 1). Oct 27, 2014 · Can you name the reworded Christmas carols?

Test your knowledge on this holiday quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Reworded Christmas Carols Quiz Christmas Song Trivia and Word Games Guess popular Christmas carols from a 3 or 4 word phrase taken from the song. Eg. silent stars go by = O Little Town of Bethlehem. I will give you the title of a Christmas carol in other words. Just type in the carol's real title. Except for a few possessive apostrophes, no punctuation is needed.

Have Fun! Average score for this quiz is 13 / 25. Difficulty: Tough. Played 3, 297 times. As of Aug 19 18. CHRISTMAS PARTY GAMES are good for smaller groups as well as larger ones, and will add to the joy and fun of getting together, making your gathering memorable this holiday season. Some of these games are good for gift or ornament exchanges. I enjoy word games, board games, card games. etc. I thought it would be fun to play a holiday game!

Of course it wouldn't be much fun if you couldn't take it with you so I made a 'Name the Carols' printable. Christmas Carol Charades game will have you rolling on the floor from watching your friends and family try to get you to guess the Christmas Carol.

We have played this for the past three years with different family and friends and it’s always a great time to get everyone interacting and laughing. Click the picture above to print the free 1-page game. How many of these Christmas carols do you recognize? The answers are on page two of the free Christmas printable game. To play this game, simply print out the question& answer sheets and read out the questions. Start by telling everyone the song and then read the “clue” line.

12-22-12 With 11 Modern Christmas Songs! (They're at the bottom of the grid) Brownielocks and The 3 Bears present our Christmas Carols& Christmas Songs Picture Game Fun! We challenge you to" Name That Christmas Music! " There are now 81 cartoon graphic images that represent a Christmas Carol or Song.

Try to guess what each one is. Christmas Scattergories This is a fun ice breaker group game for kids or adults. Use game for Christmas parties. Find this Pin and more on Farmhouse Christmas by Lori White.

Your kids will love playing these free printable Christmas games including Christmas Scattergories and Christmas Memory Game. This Christmas song picture game will test how well you and your friends know your Christmas carols and other popular holiday songs.

Look at each image and determine what Christmas song the picture is depicting. Play at family holiday parties, office Christmas parties and any other yuletide event you need a fun icebreaker for. Christmas Word Games. Fun and Festive Christmas Word Games.

Are you looking for some form of simple holiday entertainment? Look no further. Here we have created several Christmas word games for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season. Read more. Popular Posts. Funny Christmas Party Invitation Wording Ideas, Samples, and; Office. This word game was created with an older version of Super Word Scramble Maker Convert this Word Scramble to the latest version of Super Word Scramble Maker Christmas carols Word Scramble v2 edited by Anonymous Christmas Carols.

This word game was created with an older version of Super Word Scramble Maker Convert this Word Scramble to the latest version of Super Word Scramble Maker. Print! Edit Like x 2 Dislike x 0 Note: You are. Printable * Guess the Christmas Songs or Carols Word Puzzle PreOpener - Printable Party Game Brain Teaser for Christmas Parties~ Cub Scout Pack Meeting.

Name the Christmas Carols is a game similar to Name that Tune. The only. Print Free Christmas Word Scramble Puzzle with Answer Sheet. Printable. Play the Name That Christmas Carol guessing game. Use our free printable holiday quiz and answer key PDF, and play with any number of adults. Match our.

Dec 4, 2012. I enjoy word games, board games, card games. etc. Name the Carols is a game I remember playing at Christmas parties, church gatherings.

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