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Dear settlers, Christmas is for spending quality time with family, friends and, of course, your festive" The Settlers Online" community. Come inside from the bitter chill of winter, into the comforting warmth of our Community corner. Start: Removal Phase I: Removal Phase II: All Information Merchant Christmas Adventures Presents From Treasure Search Christmas The Christmas Event is an annual event which occurs each December.

It adds new buildings, buffs and lots of Christmas themed additions. In 2014, the event ran from Thursday, 12th December 2013 until Thursday, 9th January 2014.

The Test Server added the event on Tuesday 12th November 2013. Description: 28th window can only be opened 28 day of the event, if all previous windows were open. Reward: The player can pick a prize from the list on the right – after his selection can not be change it!

Main Page: Christmas Event Description This category is for all items, buffs, buildings and anything else relating to the Christmas Event. It is a sub-category of 'Events Jan Settlers online christmas event, 2015 · From 11th Dec 2014 Till 15th Jan 2015 INDEX The Quests The Adventures Christmas Presents The Shop The Christmas Event Callender Several buff-adventure maps and updates for daily quests will be added during the event!

! ! ! ! Oct 10, 2017 · Event Window - 00: 05 Event Merchant - 00: 41 Event Achievements - 02: 44 Provision House - 03: 50 The Settlers Online Christmas event for 2014 is now live and features adventures, collections, daily quests, and festive decorations. Get more news at MMO-Play. This Christmas feast can be served very quickly in your Mayor’s house and includes a lot of different dishes. You will see that many settlers will visit your city when they hear about the feast.

1+ Dec 08, 2011 · This is a non- animated Christmas tree that you will receive this at the start of the event. Animated Christmas Tree A Christmas tree with animated fairy lights (60 Presents) The Christmas Event Callender You can open you Christmas event callender by clicking on the shooting star next to your avatar. Behind each door in this callender are some special gifts and behind the special doors, you'll find even greater gifts.

The Settlers team is organizing a screenshot contest to celebrate the upcoming History Collection; you could be one of the 10 lucky winners to get a Uplay Key for The History Edition of The Settlers 1! Nov 13, 2016 · Event Window - 00: 06 Event Achievement - 00: 21 Provision House - 00: 50 Christmas Event Merchant - 01: 19 Dec 8, 2017.

Details about the upcoming Christmas Event 2017. now is the right time for your settlers to start the preparations on your island: A Thousand. Loading. Skip to content. Polski; English. Settlers Online Wiki. Christmas Event 2017 – Christmas Surprise Package. 350. 23%, Decoration Box. 20%, Angel. Name Appearance Difficulty Available Time LVL Improving The Christmas Spirit - Variant B 8/15 12.

Adventure we get from some windows of event calendar. Oct 8, 2017. These are some of the event changes currently found on the test server. Please remember that items in the test server are subject to change. Dec 12, 2017. Since the Christmas event just started I assume in a few hours, like usual, people are going to start asking what date the Easter event is going.

During certain periods of the year the Settlers celebrate a variety of special events with. During the 2013 Christmas Event, the following also became available:. The Settlers Online. The Christmas Event will be technically implemented in the game and activated on a worldwide basis on December 12th, at 09: 00 GMT.

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