Most obscure christmas movies

'Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas' is not just an underrated holiday movie, but Jim Henson’s most underrated masterpiece. The story, based on a children’s book of the same name, gives a. Along with popular Christmas songs like" 12 Days of Christmas, " " Jingle Most obscure christmas movies, " and" Deck the Halls, " there are a few original songs in the mix. In one, Goofy sings about getting an elephant for Christmas and in another the elves just want to take a.

On top of that, you have to watch A Christmas Story play on loop on TBS for the umpteenth Christmas in a row while everyone argues that It’s a Wonderful Life is the best holiday movie – which it is, we know.

Five Obscure Christmas Movies You Totally Have to Watch. Read this and other movie news, reviews, and more at Movies. com. Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch, but the whole movie takes place during the Christmas season, so technically it counts. Besides, it's a great little action film, and it's always fun to watch Liotta going psycho. Top 10 Obscure Christmas Movies Ho, ho, ho children! Santa STARBURST has some treats for you to track down while you await the good Doctor’s Christmas Special.

For the most part, Christmas movies often contain an uplifting or traditional story related to the season. But movies set in Christmas – but not as seasonal films – don’t often get included on the Top 10 Christmas movie list. Dec 01, 2010 · 8 Forgotten Christmas Films of the 1940s. Updated on January 17, 2018. Annette R. Smith. more. Contact Author. Are you looking for a Christmas movie to watch during the holidays? Consider one of these forgotten classics from the 1940s.

This dark film is the most obscure Christmas movie on my list. It is very hard to. Whether you're looking for an excuse to spend time with - or away from - your family, fire up one of these many excellent options with our definitive list of the absolute best Christmas movies. 25. There's a reason why TBS plays A Christmas Story for 24 hours straight every Christmas. This classic gave us the infamous leg lamp, Red Ryder BB guns, and most importantly taught us to never lick. Dec 13, 2007 · These movies fall into two categories: Christmas movies that never quite made it into the canon, and films that aren't Christmas movies per se, but are set during the holiday and evoke it every bit as well as the old standbys.

When people think of Christmas and Holiday movies their thoughts go to “It’s A Wonderful Life, ” Christmas Vacation, ” “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, “A Charlie Brown Christmas, ” the many variations of “A Christmas Carol” or “A Christmas Story.

” Here’s a selection of obscure. Dec 14, 2011 · A still from 'A Christmas Carol' (1971). Last week, I looked at the bottom of the barrel: those obscure and terrible Christmas movies one sometimes encounters late at night this time of year. But. Dec 13, 2007. That's fine; there are worse Christmas movies out there. But Die Hard's most elegant Christmas sneer occurs early in the movie, when.

Yet Yogi's First Christmas doesn't deserve the obscure fate of Most obscure christmas movies Kong Phooey. Dec 14, 2016. From violent heist films to lo-fi indies, there's no need to rely on It's A Wonderful Life to. It's a Wonderful Life: my most overrated Christmas film. Dec 23, 2017. Each year, the cable TV powers that be curate a selection of Christmas movies for families to enjoy over the holidays. The choices are. Nov 27, 2015. Take a break from tradition (and the stress of shopping) and spend some quality time with these unusual films with links to the holidays.

Nov 26, 2013. These Christmas movies may follow a formula, but it's a formula that will. Most people remember him from the hit NBC show" Ed, " in which he. Dec 3, 2013.

11 Strange but Great Christmas Movies. People burst into song at the most random moments, Tyrese Gibson reads Hughes' poetry and Mary. Dec 20, 2017. So whether you've been good or not, here's our present to you: The 17 best alternative Christmas movies and links to stream them.

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