3ds Max Tutorial – ED209 from Robocop the Classic Version


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The ED209 Game Development Project is a video learning set that covers advanced game development character building, preparation and insertion into a game both as a static textured mesh and as a fully animated and realised asset. The set covers some unique concepts in game development model development, including a new Scaffold Methodology to allow a much faster approach to modelling.


  • Build a low poly mesh to check sizes
  • Build high detail high polygon meshes
  • Create a game asset from the high polygon model
  • Use placement tools to build inset details that would normally take ages
  • Learn how to create complex curved shapes
  • Build detailed mechanical systems to drive the robot
  • Rig using Inverse Kinematics AND Forward Kinematics to ensure the famous sliding leg works properly
  • Rig up the weapon arms and build a cool walk cycle
  • Create normal maps and unwrap the entire low poly model
  • Texture up the ED209 model
  • Put the model into Unreal Engine!

You will start this set, as usual, with a completely empty scene in 3ds Max, no photoshop files and no game assets – by the end of this mammoth set, you will have a fully rigged low polygon ED209 with high polygon normal map, actually inside the Unreal Engine with every step of the process along the way demonstrated!