3ds Max Tutorial Set – 3D-Palace Firefly from Serenity



This 30+ hour training set comes on two downloadable data DVDs, and shows you every stage of the process to go from a completely empty workspace to a completed scene, even adding in bonus sections to show you how to achieve an animated take-off, multiple assignments of complex procedural metal materials using Mental Ray, creation of environmental prefabs for scene setup, adapting an existing low poly mesh from your existing model and adapting it for higher poly use, creation of additional scene elements (the shuttles) and a lot more besides.

You do not need plugins to complete this set. Just load up your bare bones copy of 3ds Max and you can complete the entire set.

This tutorial includes;

Polygon modelling (basic to advanced)
Spline cage modelling
Box modelling
Basic to Advanced materials creation in Max
Complex direct rigging of mechanical high poly objects for animation
Scene animation of complex mechanical objects
Creation of buildings using outside applications for import into 3ds Max

By the end of this tutorial, there is no reason that you should not be able to create this entire piece. This tutorial is suitable for an intermediate use of 3ds Max and assumes that the end user has knowledge of the interface and functionality. 3d-palace is there to support the less experienced user however and we encourage the watching of The Chess Set, Dreadnought, Minigun and Max 101 video tutorials – all of which are free to download for a registered member.

This tutorial is produced in accordance with the fair use policy as regards to the provision or creation of educational materials. We neither claim nor accept legal ownership of the IP “Serenity” or “Firefly” – “Stormbringer” is a creation based on these works for the express purpose of showing the end user the necessary stages needed to produce a high-grade model that would be suitable for consideration for Film and Television FX or Games cutscenes.

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